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Phrequently asked Questions about StiCk 9:

Q. Is the merchandise in your inventory official?
A. Yes, All merchandise is officially licensed from the bands and record labels. So you don't have to worry about gettting some crappy stickers that some guy put on Avery Labels©, via a copy machine.

Q. Writing checks is so hard! Will you take my credit card instead?
A. We will be shortly. Don't forget you can also send cash. We're setting up the necessary security measures to ensure your protection during credit card info transfers. That or we're hosting a throw-down in my living room. Gotta go clean up now....

Q. My mom is worried that StiCk9 has some kind of hidden meaning behind the name!
A. Nope. We have no idea what it means. Drop us some mail and tell us what it stands for.

Q. Where can I get a StiCk9 T-Shirt!
A. Why, you like being laughed at or something?

Q. Why does this place look like a sterile hospital room instead of an underground freak-haven?
A. Mosh pits are dirty, Raves are dirty, My room is dirty. We like to turn on the computer and feel like we've cleaned the place up.

Q. What if I need to know something that wasn't covered here?
A. Go to your local library, or write us.

Q. Do people really ask questions frequently about StiCk9?
A. Heck no.


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